I’m playing with a Dom right now who is very strict about proper communication. He had me turn on read receipts for our texts and is very stern about me giving him prompt responses. But sometimes he’ll text me when I’m at work and it stresses me out knowing I can’t answer for a while and will probably get punished if it takes me too long. What do I do?

The best way to get ahead of unavoidable or continuous rule breaking is to get ahead of it. Before you go into work on a day you might hear from him, shoot him a cute text: “on my way to work right now, Sir, and I’ll be thinking of serving You all day. May I please have permission to take some extra time to respond to Your texts if things get crazy here?”

If your relationship isn’t at a stage where you feel comfortable texting him apropos of nothing, discuss with him in person a way around leaving him on read. Maybe an agreed-upon emoji you can promptly send that means you’re in the thick of it and will reply later? Or maybe to reasonably submit you need to change that expectation altogether? Or do you need to just buckle down and take the punishment he’s doling out? I know in my early days of subbing I would feel so guilty leading up to a punishment that I blew the situation way out of proportion in my head, often not realizing that receiving 5 canes for something isn’t all that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. Once again, it comes down to finding something that’s realistic for you and communicating about it in advance, before you feel like you’ve failed him and his rules.